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I am starting to blog

This is me starting my first blog. @melody¬†inspired me to start blogging and not wait until I have it all figured out. Then Lavonne encouraged me by telling me the Will Rogers quote “you may be on the right track but you will still get run over if you just sit there”.

Joe and I are in Sacramento with all of these wonderful people for the ALF summer here. It has been amazing. I have been moved to tears so many times over the past three days.

I am loving the context that Akilah S Richards set while we were in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago – we are all deschooling forever. I so feel it and am thankful for my deschooling process. Lavonne just said I wonder what we will all be doing a year from now. I love that because a year ago (on my way to ALF summer Sacramento), I called Joe for the first time in a while (years?). Now, a year later, we are in partnership, changing the world together by amplifying the messages of people and organizations that do good in the world.

Loving @abbyo, Antonio, @simoneboss, Joe, @melody, Binairbah and my life. Magical.




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